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ALINEA intervient dans un colloque à l’Université Paris Descartes

Me Joël Moret-Bailly participe au colloque le 14 novembre 2018 intitulé “La réforme des professions de santé : entre droit européen et ordonnances” à l’Université Paris Descartes, co-organisé par les Ordres nationaux des professions de santé ainsi que la Chaire Santé de Science Po, l’Institut Droit et Santé de l’Université Paris Descartes et l’Inserm. Il intervient sur la réforme des ordres résultant des ordonnances n° 2015-949 du 31 juillet 2015,
n° 2017-192 du 16 février 2017 et n° 2017-644 du 27 avril 2017.

Collective actions


Alinea, Avocats Associés advises and supports many European, national and regional collective organizations in the agricultural and food processing sectors, both in setting them up and in their day to day work.

The very particular framework governing collective organizations in the agricultural and food processing sector and their special relationship with the French State and the European Commission have enabled Alinea to develop specific skills in both lobbying and in litigation in front of civil, administrative or European courts.

Alinea, Avocats Associés assists its clients in the field of collective actions. In this context, action plans are discussed in relation to their compliance with the law, particularly commercial, competition and consumer law or with European Union regulations.

Alinea, Avocats Associés also regularly guides its clients in setting up public procurement and international information  and/or promotion programmes and supports them during control procedures.